Shit knows

Shit knows when it has to come,
Most of the times it’s like facing a loaded gun.

Shit is unaware of days and nights.
It shows up out of nowhere anytime.

Shit has no religion like us mortal men,
Born everyday afresh, available even before dinos lived in their dens.

My shit doesn’t bother my friends and peers,
It used to when I was a kid, and laid my brown diamonds under their chairs.

Piss as much as you want, but you can’t shit in a pool,
Nobody wants to sit on it yet some people call it stool.

Shit has many colors,
But even a racist doesn’t care,
Everyone treats it as an evil, but it ain’t a ghost so don’t be scared.

The foods we eat they might be of a different taste and lands,
Shit treats it all the same and ends them up in a huge porous wet pile of inedible quicksand.

Shit is loathed a lot, but it’s of the most importance,
You got to enjoy it daily, ask those suffering from its absence.

Shit both day and night and shit in your company’s bathroom,
Don’t do too much cellphone while shitting,
It might erk some assholes.

Shit knows what it wants and when,
Attend your shit as soon as you can.
You gotta shit even when you don’t feel like it,
It’s the best non alcoholic practice to remove all the stress.

Shit knows the difference between a tangent and a straight line,
Clean it well with water or paper, but in time.

Or else it will stick with you the whole day,
It might smell bad, but it will see you through your sorrow and pain.

Watching it for too long may get you an infection in the eye,
Whenever you go to the toilet next, commit to your shit with a smile.

+Nipunda straight from a newly installed bio toilet in a local train 🚆 on 1-2 July 2017 GST day 3 a.m.


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