There is a Peter in the Parker who said,
Click some pictures of tomorrow for some extra bread.

Being the Spiderman himself he knew the routine,
It was Thursday, every Friday he knew there’d be a scene.

He just hung there like a bat overseeing no crime,
Stuck a new pose,
Camera fixed on an electricity pole,
The shoot went super fine.

The whole Friday Peter delivered pizzas,
No crimes happened, yet he went to meet Jameson Jonah.

Peter sensed that the whole Daily Bugle seem preoccupied,
He got nervous, there’s a high chance his fake story they won’t buy.

Yet, the Peter in the Parker went ahead and put his own pictures on the desk,
Mr. Jameson asked him to reverse the same act,
And pick all of them back.

He said, “it’s been 5years since Spiderman’s been dirtying the streets of New York with his web.
It ain’t your fault, but no more newer your pictures can get.

You might have actually caught the tomorrow,
But look here what I did.
I published one from last year today, for a crime nobody commit.

I think Spiderman needs to keep more variety in his suits.
All his costumes and his stunts need to be renewed.

People are loosing their interest in him but not the crimes,
New crazy mental criminals are born with a new gut wrenching backstories all the time,
And Spiderguy’s heroic now seems old and repeated, left far behind.”

Nipundart 31may2017


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