Caring Ants

There was a stray lizard,
It fell off the ceiling and not exactly died
Some ants were watching,
They tried to help but were of a mismatched size.

They all blew a few trumpets,
Called their ant buddies outside.
All formed small groups to help the injured stray lizard,
Their hands and feet were small so they had to bite.

Each of the thousands of ants bit into the stray lizard,
He didn’t bleed much coz of the coldness of the blood inside.
But writhed in pain,
Like he was drowning in air,
Until the ants held his attention and confided.

They said, “Dear stray lizard, you have fallen from a wall,
We will bite in you and take you back up there so that you re-learn to crawl.”

The lizard was happy to hear the same,
Half dead innocent he now had some hope,
The ants took him
Up the wall
And then scaled the wall
The ants scaled the wall and went home
Took the stray lizard with them underground and scaled him too.

+Nipundart 2.44 25 may 2017


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